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This guide offers research help for Math and Science across many disciplines.

Interlibrary Loan

What is it?

If Pratt doesn't have the book or article you need, we can probably still get it for you through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). When Pratt doesn't have an item, we'll request it from another library and have it sent to the campus library of your choice.

How does it work?

1. Verify that we don't have the item by using PrattCat to search for books by title or articles by periodical title.

2. Place a request using our online ILL form.

3. You'll receive an email when the item has been received. For most articles, you'll receive a link to the PDF of the file. For physical books, they'll be held at the reference desk for you.

4. Return the item by the date specified. The lending periods may differ from your standard loan period and the length of the loan is determined by the library that sent us the item.

Is there a cost?

No. This service is free for faculty, staff, and students. Other patron types are not eligible for this service.

How long can I keep the item? Can I renew it?

The length of the loan is determined by the library that owns the item. It's often 30 days. We will contact the lending library and attempt to renew it for only 1 additional loan period. Whether renewals are granted is entirely up to the lending library.

Are late fees the same as other items I borrow from Pratt?

No. Late fees are $5.00 per day for all patrons. There is nothing we can do to change fines assessed for interlibrary loan items since we do not own the items.

Finding Material Outside Pratt

What if the Pratt Libraries don't have what you need?

Thankfully, you still have options!

If you have time to wait, you can request the material through ILL (Inter-Library Loan), which can take 1-2 weeks, usually less for articles.

Or you can suggest that the library purchase the item you need. If  the librarian buys the item, it generally takes a month to become available.

If you're in a hurry, you can find the item at another NYC area library.

Use Worldcat, a catalogue that combines the catalogues of hundreds of libraries to see where else in New York the material might be located.

Pratt Libraries is part of ALB Consortium (Academic Libraries of Booklyn), so you can get an ALB card and check out 2 books from participating institutions.

A Librarian can write you a METRO PASS to visit a library you don't have access to. You won't be able to check out the item, but you can copy or scan what you need.

ALB Cards and METRO Pass information are available at the Reference Desk on the first floor of the Brooklyn Library.

NYC Area Libraries

View Other NYC Libraries in a larger map

Using WorldCat

WorldCat is the world's library catalog. It allows you to search thousands of libraries all at once to see where an item is held.

When browsing titles, you'll be able to see whether we hold a title or not by looking to see if Pratt shows up under Libraries that own this item.

When you click on a title in the Pratt version of Worldcat, you'll be able to see if we have copies available as well as which nearby libraries have the item.

If we do not have the title, use the Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button in to place an interlibrary loan request for that item.