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Exhibitions in the Library

An archival history and guide to current exhibitions at the Pratt Brooklyn Campus Library

Silhouettes of the Century

Through a consideration of exhibition design principles, the social role of libraries, and the use of furniture to shape community spaces, students in the Pratt Exhibition Design Intensive developed this display for the Pratt Libraries.

Silhouettes of the Century explores the history of chair design from the Industrial Revolution to the present. Through the acknowledgment of political, social and industial factors and influences, we come to understand the driving forces behind each design era and why they are considered significan turning points for the evolution of contemporary design as we know it today. 

About the Project

Department of Interior Design (EDI) Exhibition Design Intensive

Spring 2017

Led by Professor Jon Otis

Libraries have largely remained static places where idealogical, physical and aesthetic change moves slowly. The creative process of shaping these spaces has been stifled by these constraints of tradition, individually and collectively, and thus miss the opportunity to create a destination place for research, engagement, experiential learning, gathering, and community.

What makes a library a destination place? How can the library provide us with a refuge, a place of respite from everyday life, where we can lose ourselves and be safe, or be with others and collaborate, or to foster community and engagement? How do furniture and furnishings play a role in how we feel?

Through developing the project narrative, by designing an exhibition that celebrates the history of great contemporary furniture and leverages the resources of the Pratt Library, and through the implementation of ‘object interventions’ the team will begin to evolve and transform the way students at Pratt understand, use, and occupy the Pratt Library space.


Books from the Exhibition

Exhibit Poster