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Exhibitions in the Library

An archival history and guide to current exhibitions at the Pratt Brooklyn Campus Library

LibrARy: Works Cited

librARy : works cited is a site-specific augmented reality (AR) group exhibition with works by Steven Baltay, Hye Soo Chang, Bainian Chen, Nate King, Heein Park, Karl Munstedt, Joy Park, Ghost Qiao, Ben Ross Davis, Uma Sharma, and Yeji Song. From whimsical to documentary, a rich melange of works have resulted from students’ varying approaches to augmenting a physical “knowledge center.” The entire Pratt Library, from its front facade, to its interior, contains a new rich layer of virtual art and information available to any visitor with the free Blippar app installed on their smartphone or tablet.

Visit the Works Cited Tumblr page to learn more!

About the Artists

These eleven Pratt students, studying AR with Professor Carla Gannis in Pratt’s Department of Digital Arts (DDA), have activated the library with dynamic visual and audio overlays that inform, entertain and speculate on the past and future of Pratt Library culture. Throughout the spring semester these students explored various approaches for using AR as an artistic and research-based medium. Collaborating with the library staff, students researched the history of the Library and considered the range of services and collections that support the campus community.


Exhibit Poster