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Exhibitions in the Library

An archival history and guide to current exhibitions at the Pratt Brooklyn Campus Library

About the Exhibition

in 2014, Martha Wilson suggested Anna Banana, a world-renowned Mail Art proponent and practitioner, be exhibited in the Pratt Library; this exhibition currently on view until April 11, 2016, presents a professional artist to both the Pratt student and faculty community; as well as the general public, which Franklin Furnace and Pratt intend to attract to campus with an artist talk and reception on March 3rd, at which Anna Banana will present an overview of her career and influences.

About the Artist

A distinctive voice in the fields of conceptual, performance and mail-art, Anna Banana is a pioneer of participatory art practices. Born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1940, she began her career as a textile artist in the 1960s. However, driven by a desire to have more direct interaction with viewers, in 1971, she declared herself the city’s Town Fool, organizing a variety of events aimed at engaging the public in creative endeavours. Read more about Banana and the exhibit here.

But is it Art?

Anna Banana discusses her participatory event, "But Is It Art?," which parodied social science research and challenged traditional ideas concerning definitions of art.

View all interviews of Anna Banana by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria here.

Art Gallery Victoria. "But Is It Art?" YouTube video, 2:34. Posted [January 2016].


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