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Exhibitions in the Library

An archival history and guide to current exhibitions at the Pratt Brooklyn Campus Library

Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #990

In spring 2015, students in Professor Angela Conant's Sculpture Seminar II class approached the Sol LeWitt Estate about installing an original LeWitt Wall Drawing at Pratt Institute. Under Professor Conant’s supervision, students took responsibility for each stage of production, including proposing the project to both the LeWitt Foundation and the Pratt Institute Libraries, then meticulously installing the drawing with the oversight of an authorized draftsperson.  

Additional contributing drawers included students, staff, faculty, librarians, and administrators from across the Institute. Though conceived by LeWitt in the 1970s, the artist's intent was that the drawing be executed by a different group each time it is installed. 

About Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) was a pivotal figure of the 1970s who moved minimalism into conceptual art. He began the Wall Drawings series in 1968 and created 1259 drawings to be installed directly on walls according to his specific – though occasionally ambiguous - instructions. LeWitt himself observed that "each person draws a line differently and each person understands words differently".


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