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Exhibitions in the Library

An archival history and guide to current exhibitions at the Pratt Brooklyn Campus Library

About the Exhibition

In today’s connected environments, teamwork, collaboration and camaraderie are critical to the successful completion of dynamic and complex projects.

This exhibition invites the viewer to explore the persuasive power of collaborative art and design principles. Many of the works in this exhibition capture the processes andstages of collaboration, demonstrating the story of social and technological changes that have transformed our daily workflow, project conceptualization, and execution processes.

Exhibiting Artists

Hang Together is the collective work of the following Pratt students, alumni, faculty, and their collaborators:

Taimur Cleary, MFA 2009

Peggy Cyphers, MFA 1979; Faculty

Hayyim Danzig, MID 2010

Jedidiah Dore, BA 2002

Carla Gannis, Faculty

Elliot Gerard, MS 2008

Antonin Hewitt, BARCH 1996 & Gretel Schwartzott, MID 2002

Raul Hott, MFA 2013

Savannah E. Jankosky, BFA 2018

Kai Lin, BID 2015

Michael Levin, MFA 2015 & Hiba Schahbaz, MFA 2012

Hannah Mishin, BFA 2005

Mobile Print Power

Jaye Moon, MFA 1994

Ryan Oskin, BFA 2012


Mary Rieser Heintjes, BFA 1979; AOS 2012

Erwin Roemer, III, AOS 2012

Alvaro Uribe, BID 2010

Books in Library

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