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Artstor Basics

Getting the most out of the Artstor Digital Library and the Pratt Institute Libraries' growing collection of digital images.

Exporting an Image Group to PowerPoint

After creating an image group, you can easily export it to PowerPoint by going to the Tools menu and selecting Export to PowerPoint.  Please note that the exported file is in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. In compatible versions, this file can also be opened in Keynote.

To learn more about exporting an Image Group to PowerPoint, view the video below, or go to the Presenting Images section of the Artstor Help Wiki.

Exporting Details to PowerPoint

It is easy to add a detail of an image to an Image Group so it can exported to PowerPoint or viewed online.

1. Open the image in the Image Viewer.

2. Zoom and pan to the view you would like to include

3. Click on the Save to Image Group Icon Save to Image Group Icon

4. Save it to the Image Group you are working on and move it into position

5. When you view the Image Group online or download it to PowerPoint, the presentation will include the exact view you selected in the image viewer and fill the entire PowerPoint screen

To learn more about adding details to an Image Group, go to the Organizing section of the Artstor Help Wiki.