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Fine Arts

This guide will help you do research related to the fine arts & offers MFA thesis help.

Articles & Databases

Pratt subscribes to many great online resources which can help you take your research on Surrealism beyond the physical book. Some databases you may want to explore include:

Surrealism: A Reference Guide

A bibliographic essay which includes an extensive bibliography of Pratt's books on Surrealism and selected journal articles and encyclopedia entries found through the library catalog.

Browsing the Stacks

If you're not sure where to begin your research, and the online catalog isn't inspiring you, you may want to browse the collection in person. At the Pratt Brooklyn Library most of the books on Surrealism will be found on floors 1M and 2.

Many art historical surveys of Surrealism can be found on the 1st floor mezzanine under the call number 709.04.

Many illustrated art books on Surrealist painting can be found on the second floor at call number 759.06.

Just locate the call number by following the labels on the end of each aisle of books, or ask a librarian or other staff member for assistance.


Special Topic: Women Surrealists

Surrealism at Pratt Institute Libraries

"Of all those arts in which the wise excel, Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well."

-André Breton

Welcome to the Special Topics in Art History Guide to Surrealism. If you want to write well, as Mr. Breton suggests, the best foundation is solid research into whatever it is you are writing about! This guide will help you navigate through and locate books and other resources on Surrealism available through Pratt Institute Libraries.

What is Surrealism?

Who are the Surrealists?

The Surrealist movement began in France, but it soon spread all over the world to become a truly international movement. Here are just a few of its most popular and influential figures, with a link to a representative monograph in the Pratt collection:

Essential Surrealist Texts

These influential documents helped lay the foundation for Surrealism as a historical moment in Modern Art.

Helpful Web Resources

If the Pratt Libraries' holdings aren't enough for you, here are some of the best Surrealism-related websites and resources:

Further Research Assistance

These Pratt LibGuides created by Pratt librarians offer more detailed information on various aspects of the research process:


This guide created by:

James Bradley, MILS Candidate, Pratt University

Last Updated: April 2013