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Design Management

Required and Recommended Reading for the Program

Articles, Periodicals and Journals { Recommended }

The following list consists of articles, periodicals, journals, and reports that are recommended in the Design Management program. These readings will guide you through each course's learnings, assignments, and give you a more in-depth insight into the subject matter. The items listed provide a link that will direct you to the reading.

Note: In order to get access to the articles, First: Click on the title of the article. This will open up a page with article's information, then click on one of these options 1) "Find it at Pratt" or  2) PDF Full Text  or 3) View record in JSTOR. If you are having difficulty viewing an article, please contact Library Clerk Harsh Taggar at If an article is not available though the Pratt Institute Libraries, you may request it via INTERLIBRARY LOAN.

Leadership & Team Building