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Reviews, and How to Find Them: Home

How to track down reviews of books, films, music, art, and other reviewable things.

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The images used in this guide are all in the public domain and made available by their institutions. For more on using digital images, see Digital Image Resources at the Pratt Institute Libraries guide. For more public domain images, see Copyright Resources.

Introduction to Reviews

This LibGuide helps define reviews, and provides resources on where to find them.

What is a review?

A review is an article or written piece that outlines and analyzes various types of media.  There are reviews of many different types of works: books, films, music, art, theater, and more.  Because reviews are published in various formats, there are many places to search for them.  Keep in mind that reviews are published at different intervals, depending on what type of source they describe.  Also, it is important to note what type of review you seek.

VirginiaTech outlines three basic types of reviews:


An outline or general description of the material/event/experience.


This type of review presents the opinion or point-of-view of the author of the article.


Written by experts in the field, often with a more in-depth or critical approach.

Knowing the type of review you are looking for assists in the research process, and provides context and perspective on the information.


*More information is found on VirginiaTech's LibGuide entitled "Book Reviews," found at this link:

Looking for Criticism?

File:Escaping criticism by Caso.jpg

Escaping Criticism (1874)
Pere Borrell del Caso
Oil on canvas
Public domain; Colección Banco de España, Madrid

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