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Dinosaurs at Pratt Libraries: Home

A PrattQuest guide to dinosaurs in the Pratt collection.

The Reference Collection

If you're not sure where to begin your research or just want a general introduction to a topic, the reference collection (located on the first floor next to the reference desk) is a good place to start.


Jurassic Park Theme Park, Wikimedia Commons

Gale Academic OneFile

What: Broad and general coverage includes newspapers, magazines, and peer-reviewed journals; a good place to begin your search if you're not sure of which subject database to use.

Sample article: Dalton, Rex. "Fresh doubts over T. rex chicken link." Nature 454.7208 (2008): 1035. (link)


What: Peer-reviewed articles from core journals in the humanities and social sciences; this database has good depth but little very recent content (most titles exclude latest 3-5 years.)

Sample article: Baird, Robert. "Animalizing "Jurassic Park's" Dinosaurs: Blockbuster Schemata and Cross-Cultural Cognition in the Threat Scene." Cinema Journal 37.4 (1998): 82-103. (link)


What: Peer-reviewed scientific journal articles in social and behavioral sciences

Sample article: Silber, Sherman. "Human male infertility, the Y chromosome, and dinosaur extinction." Middle East Fertility Society Journal 16.2 (2011): 114-120. (link)

Project MUSE What: Sample article: Marshall, Nancy Rose. "A Dim World, Where Monsters Dwell: The Spatial Time of the Sydenham Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park." Victorian Studies 49.2 (2007): 286-301. (link)

Digital Images

Gertie the Dinosaur, available on Artstor


Prints and Photographs at the Library of Congress


You can search for videos in our catalog using the advanced search options, and check them out downstairs in Multimedia Services.

Pop-up Books

The Pratt Libraries have lots of special collections, including zines, artists' books, and pop-up books. Below are a few dinosaur-related pop-up books in our collection; you can access these books by filling out a call slip at the reference desk. You can browse these special collections using the advanced search option in the Pratt catalog.

From the stacks

More Information