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SUST 201 The Sustainable Core

Research guide to assist students in SUST 201 with their annotated bibliography.

Search for Books at the Pratt Libraries

 - QuickSearch is the Pratt Institute Libraries' Discovery service.

 - Quick Search provides access to the libraries' entire physical collection and a selection of our digital holdings with a single click. This includes books, DVDs, special collections materials, theses, journals, eBooks, and more. It's the best place to go when you're just starting your research project. 

Find a Book

Step 1:  Visit the Library Website @ and use our search box.


Step 2:  Sometimes it is helpful to use the "Catalog Only" limiter on the left sidebar to restrict your search results to just items in our library catalog.

Step 3:  This record for this book says it's "available," which means I can go to the stacks and find it. 

So I write down the call number (917.3 P672P) and visit the Library Stacks. For assistance, you may visit us at the Reference Desk.