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Artists' Books: Books - PrattCat

This guide will help you with research related to artists' books. The Pratt Libraries Artists' Books Collection is highlighted. Resources at Pratt and beyond are offered.

Books on Artists' Books

The Pratt Libraries offer many books related to artists' books. Search for books in our online catalog, PrattCat.

Click on a book image or link to view its PrattCat record--this will help you determine its location & availability.

Searching in PrattCat for Artists' Books

The Pratt Libraries Artists' Books Collection lives at the Brooklyn Library in our Special Collections Cage, which help to preserve this collection. To determine whether you would like the Reference Desk staff to pull artists' books for you to view, you'll first want to search in PrattCat to determine items of interest.

You can limit your PrattCat search so that you only get results from the Artists' Books Collection. Here's how:

Step One: Choose the Advanced Search option in PrattCat.

Step Two: If you would like to get a results list that includes ALL items from the Artists' Books Collection, then enter an asterisk symbol (*) as your search term in the first search box. The asterisk acts as a "wildcard" search term, performing as a stand-in for any number, letter, word-part or word. Using an asterisk as your search term, in conjunction with Step Three (below), will allow you to get a results list of ALL items from our Artists' Books Collection.

If you don't want to get a list of all artists' books in our collection, simply use a different search term (or terms) related to your topic. For example, you could use search terms related to different subjects, binding types, authors, etc.   



Step Three:

Under "Limited to" on the Advanced Search Page, check the box that indicates "Limit search to available items."

Also, next to the "Material Type" field, use the drop-down box and scroll to "Artists' Books." Click on "Artists' Books" to highlight this option. By limiting your search in this way, your results will list items only from the Artists' Books Collection.

Lastly, click on "Submit" to perform your search! If you used an asterisk as your search term, you will see a list of over 800 items from our Artists' Books Collection.

Of course, if you already know the title or author of an artist's book you seek, you can also perform Title and Author searches in PrattCat.

Having problems? If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Reference Desk or a librarian for help with your search (see contact information on the right side of this page.)

Enjoy viewing artists' books from our collection!

Help with Research

Suggest an Artist's Book

Did you do a PrattCat (online catalog) search, and didn't find an artist's book that you think we should own?

Use the Pratt Libraries' Suggest a Purchase form to make your request! A librarian will be in touch with you after your request is submitted.