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The Research Process: Other Sources

The basics of researching and refining a topic.

Research Guides

Librarians have developed research guides (also known as LibGuides, pathfinders, annotated bibliographies, etc.) to help you discover the sources available on different topics.

Here at Pratt you can see our research guides on the library homepage under Research > Research Guides.

There are also researchers all over the world creating guides, so look at other libraries as well.



Met Museum Libraries

MOMA Research Resources

Step 5: Advanced Searches

Once you've narrowed down your topic and found specific sources, you'll want to find as much information on those specific aspects of the topic as you can. There's no need to limit your search to books and articles.

You can find all kinds of sources through Google. Think beyond Web sites. This video shows you some of the ways to use Google for more advanced research. Click on the bottom right of the player to enlarge the video.

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