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Welcome to Pratt Institute Libraries!: Place a Hold

Get acquainted with Pratt Institute Libraries' tools to help you find what you need.

Place a Hold

You can place a hold on a book in our catalog wherever you are through your library account, provided that we do not have copies available at either of the campus libraries.

If the catalog page of the book you want shows it has been checked out, click on the Request button to place a hold, which will bring you to the log-in page for your account.



Once you're logged in, a box will appear that asks when you'd like the hold UNTIL.

If you know you won't need it past a certain date (for example: when an assignment is due, or the end of a semester), choose this date.

Success! Unless...

If your hold request is successful, the next window will tell you so and also where it will be available for pickup:



Note: As we do not have a process by which books from one Pratt library can travel to the other, you cannot request to pick up a Brooklyn book in Manhattan or vice versa.

However, a hold will be UNsuccessful if there are copies available in either Brooklyn or Manhattan: