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Welcome to Pratt Institute Libraries!: Reserves

Get acquainted with Pratt Institute Libraries' tools to help you find what you need.

What are Reserves?

Print reserves are kept in one of two places: behind the circulation desk and on carrels on the first floor next to the stacks. Reserves kept behind the circulation desk must be checked out to the student using them, for periods of 2 hours. Reserves on the carrels can be read at the carrels and don't have to be checked out. Though they can't leave the library, reserves can be copied or scanned within the library.

Occasionally, a professor will have an article placed on reserve. These are called electronic reserves.

Two Ways to Search For Reserves

There are two ways to search for reserves through the catalog:

1. The Libraries' Home Page

Through the pull-down menu on the home page, you can search for books on reserve either by Course Name or Instructor. Generally, Instructor is more direct because some courses are taught by multiple teachers.

2. PrattCat

You can also search by Course or Instructor from the Reserves tab in the Catalog.

Where Reserves are Kept, Part 1: Behind Circulation

Searching for an instructor (or course) will bring you to the reserves page for the class. It shows you the professor's name, the course name and number, and the semester in question. It also lists the books on reserve, and their location. (Click any image to enlarge.)

The information under Call # tells us that "From Flanders to Florence" is kept on reserve, which here means behind the circulation desk. It gives the call number, which you will need to request it, and also shows that the book is Available. If it were checked out to someone, it would show when it was due back, giving you an idea of when to return to the circ desk to ask for it.

Were you to search specifically for "From Flanders to Florence," the catalog page for that book also shows its Location to be Reserves, and its status as Available.

Where Reserves are Kept, Part 2: On Carrels

When a professor has a large number of books (or a number of large books) she wants held, these are kept on carrels, which is shown on the course reserves page under Course note. (Click any image to enlarge.)

The Status for these books is Library Use Only because they are not checked out to students, just kept on the carrels for regular use.

Were you to search for "Beyond Shelter," its catalog page also shows its Location to be Reserves, its Status as Library Use Only, and its location (in Notes) as Carrel 1:

Electronic Reserves

Finally, articles that are put on reserve for a class are known as Electronic Reserves, and will appear on a course reserves page with an asterisk and the note under Format, "An electronic copy of this material is available ..." This means that the listing itself is the item on reserve, which can be accessed by clicking on the link. These articles, either retrieved from Pratt's database subscriptions or scanned copies of print journals, can be saved, emailed, or printed out. (Click any image to enlarge.)